Academic Requirements:
A) A student, while participating, must be a full-time student as determined by guidelines set forth by the
State Department of Education. A student who is repeating a course for which he has previously received
credit cannot count this course as one required for eligibility. This is considered as monitoring a course.
B) To participate in interscholastic athletic activities, students in grades 9-12 must achieve an overall
passing average in addition to the following:
1. To be eligible in the first semester a student must pass a minimum of five Carnegie units applicable
toward high school diploma during the second semester or summer school.
2. To be eligible during the second semester the student must meet one of the following conditions:
a. If the student met first semester eligibility requirements then he or she must pass the equivalent of four, 1/2 units during the first semester.
b. If the students did not meet first semester eligibility reqquirements then he or she must pass the equivilent of five, equivilent of five, 1/2 units during the first semester.