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Update on Athletics
Horry County schools has given us permission to return to practice starting this coming Monday, Aug 3rd.  All Fall sports will start practice on this day with the exception of XC which will start on Monday, Aug 10th.  There can be no more than 15 athletes and 1 coach per workout session.  All athletes will check in each day and all facilities and equipment will be thoroughly cleaned with approved disinfectants after each session.

As of now August 17th will be the first official start date for Fall Sports tryouts.  The high school league will look at Covid data on Aug 10th and make a decision to either start on the 17th or move it to Aug 24th.  They will then meet on the 17th and make a decision to start on the 24th or move it to the 31st.  They will continue to do this each week, if needed, based on the numbers of cases.  This is a very fluid situation and is changing daily.  The plan they have in place is very flexible because of this and gives us the best chance of having fall sports.  If for some reason Fall sports cannot be played, they most likely will be moved to the Spring without affecting any other sports.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.  You will probably hear, “ I don’t know” for most of your questions.  I will keep all of you updated as I am informed.

Billy Hurston
Athletic Director